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Serving the 5 State area (KS, OK, TX, NM & CO)
2545 Road J
Hugoton, KS

An affordable and powerful soil biological that alleviates the effects of compaction, increases nutrient uptake, and promotes healthier plant growth. This product is an advanced composition of minerals, essential nutrients, humic acids, and beneficial microbes.

  • Contains 36 different strains of live microbes (dormant until appliation)
  • Advanced composition of minerals, nutrients and microbes.
  • Suspended in humic and fulvic acid, and seaweed extract
  • Compatible with most herbicides and pesticides
  • Low per acre cost - REQUEST A QUOTE
  • Recommended application rate: 12.8 ounces per acre. 1 gallon per 10 acres.
Enzyme MAX

  • Helps break down sald & soil compaction to release "tied up" minerals in the soil
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Promotes healthier plant growth
Plant Nutrition