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Serving the 5 State area (KS, OK, TX, NM & CO)
2545 Road J
Hugoton, KS

Product Features
  • Seaweed Concentrate from Ecklonia Maximum kelp
  • Cold cellular burst extraction and uniform fresh harvest
  • Auxin:Cytokinin ratio > 300:1
  • Organic approved by WSDA NOP
  • Promote root development and increase root tip growth for better plant nutrient and water uptake
  • Natural Cytokinin production and subsequent foliar growth increases photosynthesis and carbohydrate production
  • KELPAK is a global leader in auxin based seaweed products for over 30 years, scientifically proven to increase health, quality, and yield in a wide variety of crops

Plant Nutrition
  • In-Furrow with L-CBF
  • Foliar Applications with L-CBF